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US carriers waiving fees for calls and texts to Turkey

U.S._Mobile_Carriers_322In the wake of the attack at the Istanbul airport in Turkey, the big four US carriers have all announced that they’ll be waiving fees for calls and texts made to the country. That includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Most carriers are pretty quick to announce support during tragic events, whether that’s a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and this is no exception. Read more

Amazon will subsidize certain Android phones with ads and bloatware

amazon subsidized phonesIf you’ve ever purchased an Amazon Fire tablet directly through Amazon, you’ve probably seen their “special offers” promotion that shaves some of the cost of the device off in exchange for personalized lock screen ads. Amazon’s line of thinking is that they’ll make more money off of shoving ads in your face than selling a full-priced device, and so far it’s worked for them. Read more