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Google taking a small step to improving Allo with desktop access

In a week of improvements and changes for their messaging platforms, Google revealed on Thursday that they have another update in the pipeline. This change will impact Allo and takes the form of desktop access to the messaging client. When we checked with our TalkAndroid readers, one item that came up as a way to improve Allo was cross-platform access versus the current single device limitation. Making a desktop “client” available to Allo users would be a step in that direction.

Check out this BlackBerry KeyOne gallery

There’s a new BlackBerry phone in town, but it’s made by another company. TCL is actually behind the hardware of the BlackBerry KeyOne, and they did a really nice job making a beautiful, premium device. So we figured we’d take a bunch of pictures of the KeyOne and share them with you in a gallery that shows the phone from different angles.

Hit the break for the gallery.

How SIM cards work

We deal with SIM cards on a daily basis in our phones (and sometimes tablets), but yet, we know very little about them. When it comes to SIM cards, all we really know is that when we plug it into the device, it allows us to use our selected carrier’s data network. And when we take it out, we can’t use that cellular network anymore. That’s the basics of how a SIM card works right there, but it’s a bit more in-depth than just that.

Follow along below and we’ll show you all about the SIM card.

Google talks RCS and the default messaging situation on Android

Okay, so it really doesn’t seem like Google has any idea what they’re doing with Android’s messaging situation. We now have Android Messages to replace Google Messenger, Hangouts is dead-but-not-really, and Allo is, uh, existing somewhere. It’s a messy, messy group of apps and services (and we didn’t even mention Google Voice) that doesn’t seem like it has any clear goal in sight. 

Giveaway: Win a Scosche MagicMount Power Bank (USB-C)!

Battery life is the most important aspect of a phone for many people, but not every device you pick up is going to feature superb longevity. Sometimes you’re going to need power when and where a wall outlet just isn’t available. Sure, you could use one of the power banks with a wire hanging between the power source and your phone; however, Scosche offers a better alternative.

We’re giving away a Scosche MagicMount Power Bank (USB-C) to a Talk Android reader.

App drawer comes with latest update for LeEco Le Pro 3, Le S3

Both the Le Pro 3 and Le S3 from LeEco were missing a simple thing at launch: an app drawer. There’s good news today, though. The company is rolling out a software update for its two U.S.-sold phones that includes an app drawer and other enhancements. It’s all part of the UP2U initiative in which LeEco gets customer feedback and adjusts its user interface through software updates.

Goodbye, Google Messenger: Android Messages is the new flagship messaging app

Messaging is an integral part of business for companies like Apple, Facebook, and Snap. Their respective platforms open up communication between people in unique ways. Google, however, has struggled for years to figure out messaging. A new messaging platform debuts every year or two and another is left behind. Then the entire strategy is overhauled and the same thing happens.

Google just made an unannounced change to its most popular app for messaging, Google Messenger.