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[TA Deals] Pick up the ExoMount car mount for just $20!

Don’t use your phone while you’re driving, people. It’s unsafe for you and everyone else on the road. Just get a card mount. Specifically, get a car mount through us. The ExoMount car mount is available for a limited time on Talk Android Deals with a discount. You’ll be driving without your hands on your phone since it’ll be mountain on the front and ready for voice commands.

Best augmented reality apps

Apps with augmented reality integration interact with the things around you, giving you a different perspective and way to see the world. Some hardware, such as Project Tango in Lenovo’s PHAB2 Pro can even help with this! Augmented apps take physical items and add a digital aspect to them, reminiscent of pop-up books, adding an element of fun to whatever you’re doing, whether it’s playing Pokemon Go, looking at the stars, or just scanning your favorite snack at the store. Here’s some of our favorites.