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‘Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ makes its way to Android

GTA libery city storiesRockstar has added another Grand Theft Auto entry to their mobile portfolio, this time adding Liberty City Stories to the Play Store. This is a port of the original PSP game, which was designed with a mobile-first mentality before smartphone gaming exploded. The missions are focused more around being quick and accessible, as opposed to the longer, more meaty style that you’d find on the console versions of GTA. Read more

Best dating apps [2016]


The temperature outside has dropped in many parts of the world and that means it’s officially cuffing season, the time of year when people want to get involved with another person in a way less naughty and much more meaningful. The cold weather easily lends itself to plenty of cuddling with a significant other. But for those of you without that cuddle buddy, you’ve got work to do. That perfect guy or girl likely won’t appear aside you at the coffee shop, strike up a conversation, and ask you out on a date. We all like to blame our singleness on something called “social awkwardness,” which is a different way of saying you’re nervous to meet new people. So you’re probably going to need a little help from an app or two.

It’s time for me to be your digital matchmaker.

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