You can now view your Google+ photos and videos in Google Drive


This news is no surprise since it was recently rumored. It’s also a no-brainer, and I often wondered why Google didn’t implement this sooner.

Starting today, you can now view your Google+ photos and videos in Google Drive. You will find a new Google Photos menu in Drive for the web, Android, and even iOS. You can create a Google Photos folder in your “My Drive” which will give you ability to organize your photos and videos into folders.

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HTC One M9 review: Refining beauty


The HTC One was unveiled two years ago with a considerable amount of fanfare, and for good reason. It was the first Android phone that could go toe to toe with the iPhone in terms of quality. The full metal unibody screamed sexy and blew away every reviewer. Unfortunately it didn’t translate into the kind of success that HTC was hoping for as the company continued to lose money.

Back then, it was the One M7, signifying the 7th flagship phone since HTC embarked on their own brand. Last year’s version, the M8, did help bring the company to profitability, but it still wasn’t enough.

Now we are on the third iteration of the One, which is now referred to as the M9. The third chapter generally is a good time for a redesign, but HTC feels they already have something special. Instead, they chose to refine it rather than redefine it. By combining some of the best of the M7 along with the best of the M8, HTC is hoping the third time is a charm.

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LG UK teases the G Watch Urbane in a new promotional video


Earlier today, LG UK took to its official YouTube channel in order to share a promotional video of its gorgeous upcoming G Watch Urbane. In the 29-second clip, we get to see the device in all its glory from every possible angle with a bunch of different faces and straps, including my personal favorite, the very sophisticated brushed steel band.

Hit the break below to check it out.

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Verizon starts rolling out Lollipop update for the LG G2


Verizon is now pushing out the much-anticipated, eagerly-awaited Lollipop update to all carrier-branded models of the LG G2 located in the United States. This 1.3GB upgrade carries Software Version: VS98039A and transports the latest build of the Android operating system, together with a handful of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations to the handset.

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HTC Butterfly 3 will be an Asian exclusive


In news that is not very surprising, Twitter tipster @upleaks is claiming the HTC Butterfly 3 will be an exclusive to Asian markets. This is consistent with HTC’s strategy for their Butterfly line of devices which tend to be limited to the Japanese market or Asian markets. The Butterfly devices are usually similar, but maybe a tad better in a couple areas, than HTC’s flagship devices that are released to the rest of the world.
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Verizon updates the update to Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S 5


Over the weekend Verizon started to roll out the update to Android Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S 5. This was welcome news to owners of the device who thought they were getting it back in February. However, after starting the process, Verizon pulled the update with no reason given, putting owners of the Galaxy S 5 back into waiting mode. Since resuming the update process, it appears Verizon has updated the update yet again based on changes to the build number.
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Xaiomi teasing product announcements for fifth anniversary celebration


On March 31st, Xiaomi will be celebrating their fifth anniversary. To celebrate, the company appears to be ramping up plans to expand beyond the smartphone and tablet product lines they were initially founded on as well as release some updated products in the traditional lines. For example, rumors already exist suggesting Xiaomi is going to release the Mi Pad 2 tablet device. Over the last few days, the company has been releasing some teaser images related to other products they apparently plan to announce at the big celebration.
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HTC One M9: Hands on and software walkthrough


Will the third time be the charm for HTC? The HTC One M9 is the third edition of the One series, and is as much (if not more) a premium smartphone as its predecessors were. While many were hoping for something new, HTC decided to refine instead of redefine. By adding a super fine brushed finish along with a dual tone metal unibody and beefier specs, HTC is hoping the M9 is the “One” that will bring them to the promise land.

Check out our hands on video below highlighting the superb quality and workmanship along with some of the software features.

Since our review unit had an embargo agreement, our full review will be posted very shortly as well.

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SK Telecom suspension could potentially hurt Galaxy S6 sales

sk-telecom-logo-02Korea’s Communication Commission is planning on suspending SK Telecom’s ability to sign up new customers for a seven day period, and it looks like that sanction might hit right on the launch date (April 10th) of Samsung’s Galaxy S6. With SK Telecom accounting for 50% of wireless market share in South Korea, that’s a tough blow to take for Samsung.
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