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Verizon will not be cutting off two-year contracts for existing customers

Verizon-Wireless-logo-7893When Verizon introduced their newer wireless plans, there was some confusion on the state of the carrier’s two-year contracts. Now that the plans have been available for a few weeks, the carrier has posted some new info clarifying the specifics of the plan, including that existing customers can still get two-year contracts and contract pricing, just like they’ve always done. Read more

Razer is finally going to start taking pre-orders for the Nabu


At CES 2015, Razer announced the Nabu X as an affordable activity tracker. Its purpose upon being announced was likely to hold people over until the more advanced Nabu, which was announced the year before, reaches the market. On Friday at PAX Prime 2015, Razer finally scheduled a pre-order date for the Nabu along with a vague release date.

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Facebook’s deal with the NFL ends as 2015 season kicks off


A partnership between the NFL and Facebook was inked just as 2014 was coming to an end. The deal supplied Facebook’s News Feed with video content from the NFL that included highlights, fantasy football tips, and news from all thirty-two teams. Attached to videos was a “presented by Verizon” banner since Big Red agreed to pay for all advertisements with revenue to be split between the league and the social network. The catch with those ads, though, was that users had to watch through the end of a video for “post-roll” ads to appear.

Now, less than one year after the partnership was announced, all parties have reportedly parted ways.

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Verizon to start offering special deals on #WhyNotWednesday


You may think it would be hard to re-orient Wednesday from being known as anything other than Hump Day, which you probably say in your head using the voice of a certain camel, but Verizon thinks they can do that. They have announced they are launching a new campaign called #WhyNotWednesday in which they will offer samples of “the best of the digital world.”

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