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We’re hiring a video editor to help grow our YouTube channel!


So there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never seen our YouTube channel in the years Talk Android has been serving news, reviews, guides, and opinions. Or, if you have, you’re underwhelmed by what we upload. We are, too. That’s why we’re getting serious and launching a project to change our ways when it comes to video.

We’re seeking to add an up-and-coming video editor to our team.

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Syllable D900 Mini Wireless Earbuds review


As far as headphones and earphones go, almost everything we use is wired. But, with some manufacturers getting rid of auxiliary ports, it’s worth it to start considering quality wireless earphones. Apple’s AirPods have caused a lot of excitement in both the Android and iOS realm, but they’re a little too pricey for early adopters. Thankfully, there are other options. Syllable recently launched something similar, and for a whole lot cheaper: the D900 Mini.

Join us after the break to see what these earphones are all about.

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Ouch – Samsung roasted by President Obama


Samsung must feel like everyone is just piling on now regarding all of the trouble they have had with the Galaxy Note 7. From a continuous litany of explosive puns and digs directed at the company to lawsuits to the financial impact of the failed product launch, Samsung cannot seem to get out in front of the issue. Now they find themselves the target of a shot from none other than President Obama. Read more

OnePlus 3T rumored to launch with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821


OnePlus has been quite a popular manufacturer for a powerful unlocked Android smartphone at an affordable price. The OnePlus 3 was the company’s 2016 flagship and received very positive reviews for its top specs, competitive camera experience, 6GB of RAM, and all for $399. Now it appears that OnePlus is not slowing down as rumors are coming out for a new and slightly upgraded version of the OnePlus 3: the OnePlus 3T.

Join us after the break for more.

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[TA Deal] Get Samsung’s wireless charging pad for just $19! (72% off)


Wireless charging pads can be a bit pricey, especially if you choose one of Samsung’s in-house options. It’s usually around $68 for a wireless charging pad from Samsung and other top brands; however, there’s a way for you to still get a quality product at a low price without giving up all of the great benefits you expect.

On Talk Android Deals, the Samsung wireless charging pad is our featured deal of the day.

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How to set up Google Drive for desktop syncing


You have Google Drive on your smartphone, but what about your desktop or laptop? Did you know that you can setup Google Drive on your home computer to automatically sync files to the cloud? It’s really easy, and it’s a huge time saver. It’s especially helpful if you lose a file, but can keep your peace of mind knowing that it was automatically backed up to the cloud.

Details after the break on how to set it up.

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